Modification Committee

Approval from the Modification Committee is required before starting a project that would alter the outside appearance of your home.  Preapproval is important for avoiding having to make changes during or after completion of the project. The modification committee has 30 days to review a submission and may take longer if additional information is needed, so plan ahead.

Typical Projects Requiring Modification Approval

  • Swimming pool addition
  • Outside storage building addition - temporary sheds not allowed.
  • Fountain or statuary in front yard
  • Gazebo addition to backyard
  • Drainage modifications to front or back (example: raised beds, dry creeks)
  • Building a deck
  • Adding a gate anywhere on property
  • Cutting down trees unless dead or diseased (Removed dead or diseased trees may require replacement)
  • Adding shutters to front of house or changing color
  • Building a porch or adding a pergola to back patio
  • Changing house trim paint colors
  • Changing/replacing garage doors with different design or color
  • Setting up a playscape in back yard
  • Installing a basketball goal
  • Replacing roofing or gutters

This list is not exhaustive.  Please contact the Board or Modifications Committee if you are unsure whether or not approval is needed for a project.

Project requests can be submitted here:

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