Community Action Plan for Amenity Center Operations re: COVID -19


Due to the growing concerns and questions regarding the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, the following action plan should be immediately and consistently put in place with common area facilities. 


Swimming Pool Expected to Open Friday June 19 (after updated signage installed per county inspection)

-         Governor Abbott's order limits to no more than 50% capacity.  The occupancy is limited to 30 at this time based on a the permitter of the pool and the need to maintain 6 feet of social distancing.

-         Pool use is limited to residents.  Guests are not allowed at this time due to the capacity limitations.

-         Each user must sign a use agreement/waiver prior to entering the pool area.


Outdoor Amenity Usage    

-       Walking trails remain available, but use is at individual resident discretion.  It is paramount that everyone adheres to the CDC guidelines and that we take these additional steps at this time to further prevent the potential spread of this highly communicable virus.      

-          No groups activities should take place at the outdoor amenities during this time.

-          Outdoor restrooms should remain closed during this time.